How to Supplement Your Unemployment Benefits

Many people believe that the unemployment office is the only source of support for workers who have recently lost their jobs. However, this is not true. There are many different programs individuals can enroll in to help them receive support during their unemployment periods. Some of these come from the unemployment insurance (UI) office while […]

Effects Of Obamacare Repeal

One of the bigger concerns surrounding the current political climate is the potential repeal of Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act. The good news for now is that the potential replacement that the Republican Party and President Trump proposed did not pass through the Senate vote. So, for the time being, the potential repeal remains “potential.” […]

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About Legal and Illegal Terminations

While there are legal reasons for terminating employees, some workers do not realize when they are wrongfully terminated. When any of the types of illegal termination of employment occur, the business has broken a state or federal law that protects workers. Illegal reasons for terminating employees in can include those that are discriminatory or retaliatory. […]

Learn How to File a Discrimination Charge

workers may file a wrongful termination discrimination charge if they believe their former employer violated their civil rights. Filing a charge of discrimination in requires submitting a claim to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is the organization that enforces laws on civil rights in the workplace. In the United States, the EEOC investigates […]

At-Will Employment and Exceptions

Residents wondering, “Is an at will state?” will discover all states in the nation recognize at-will employment. What is employment at will and how does it affect employees? Apart from the exceptions to at will employment, job opportunities without contracts are voluntary between employers and employees. However, while all states follow the at-will employment doctrine, […]

Find Out About Wrongful Termination

In states that have at-will employment, employers can legally fire or dismiss employees for almost any reason or no reason at all. However, workers may still experience wrongful dismissals if the motive for the termination breaks federal or state employment laws. Employees wrongfully terminated from jobs may pursue charges against former employers as well as […]