Home Exercise Activities for the Whole Family

Now that we are moving steadily toward spring and summer, your family and you may be feeling the after-effects of a winter spent cooped up inside. If your family goal for the coming months is to shake off the winter stiffness, then we have some great suggestions for how the whole family can fit some great exercise options into even the busiest of days. We all need a little encouragement to exercise, so try to bring the entire family along for the ride with these great options!

After-Dinner Walks

Going on a walk after dinner as a family is a great way to get everyone up and moving, particularly at a time when you might be inclined to be a little lazy and watch TV. One of the best parts of the warmer months is that it stays light outside very late, so even if you’re a family of late eaters, there may still be some sunshine left after dinner. After the dishes are finished, have everyone lace up their sneakers and take a walk around the block, or even farther. This also gives you an opportunity to extend any fun dinner conversations or to continue to have everyone share about their days.

Designated Game Days

Is your family a little more on the competitive side? Pick an afternoon or an evening each week to go down to the local park to play a game of soccer, softball, tennis or some other sport. Team up and put something at stake, a week of doing dinnertime dishes, or laundry duty, to the losing team. And, channel your extra energy into moving around and winning something. This would be a great way to motivate any stubborn older children into exercising: if they play a game and play it well, maybe they can get out of their least favorite chore for a few days. See how creative you can get and make up wackier challenges or even games of your own if the traditional sports don’t appeal to everyone!

Commercial Break Workouts

Obviously, if your family is very busy, you cherish the time you do have to relax together. But if yours is a family prone to sitting on the couch for too many hours, make a challenge out of getting up to move around and exercise during every commercial break of your favorite TV show! Maybe you get up and do jumping jacks for the entire break, or count how many crunches and pushups you can do during one commercial. If you really want to put the pressure on, have everyone get up at the start of the break and do a sprint around the outside of the house and meet back inside before the show comes back. You have a lot of room to get creative with this option, so go see what your family can pull off!

Take a Class Together

If your kids are on the younger side, see what kind of “mommy/daddy and me” classes are available in your area. If they’re older, check out the options at your gym or local yoga, Pilates, dance and kickboxing studios! This option obviously takes you outside of your house, but if you’re having some trouble inspiring each other to stay active within the house, you certainly can’t avoid it if you’re in space specifically to exercise. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your favorite new activity by testing a few things out.

Take Advantage of Your Yard

If your family lives in an area with a lot of yard space, this is your perfect playground. You can go totally old school and organize games of Red Rover and tag, or just see what kind of equipment is in your garage to use. Toss or kick a couple soccer and footballs outside, use a jump rope or a hula hoop, and just spend time outside playing! This is a simple, fun, activity for every age. You could get everyone involved in a gardening project in the yard as well; it might not be as active, but it still works for getting everyone up and moving around. Take the family out to pick their own seeds and have a gardening day together to plant, then everyone can take care of their specific garden sections once the plants start sprouting! Having a family garden could be a great continued project that gets everyone outside in the spring air, and it will even encourage your kids to start “taking care of” something on their own.