Quick Cash Solutions to Consider

We’ve all been there: you lost your job, are dealing with a large amount of debt and unexpected expenses are popping up – and you just don’t have the money. Maybe you’ve been living from paycheck to paycheck for a little too long and want to boost your bank account balance so you don’t consistently have to check it before each use of your debit card to make sure you won’t overdraft. Whatever your reason, if you are in need of cash in a short amount of time and are looking for legitimate ways to do so, we’ve put a list together for you to consult. See what options work for you and start seeing the numbers in your bank account grow.

Sell Things You Already Own

This one is a no brainer; if you own things of (relative) value already, you can pool your resources to turn those items into cash. Take account of everything you have in your home: what are you okay parting with? There’s that dress in the back of your closet you wore once and never touched again, the old couch you didn’t want to deal with the hassle of getting rid of, some old family jewelry to which you don’t have an attachment. Any extra clothes you own can be turned into cash by taking them to consignment shops or to thrift stores where they’ll be assessed, sold and, in return, you will receive a portion of the proceeds. You could also check out online sites that are designed to work like online thrift stores. You send in your pieces of clothing, they are appraised and sold, and you profit.

If selling clothes isn’t your preference, try things like old electronics or furniture. Items like these are easy to sell via online sites or through iers in local stores – someone else is bound to be browsing the web or looking for ads to buy exactly what you are selling. Ditch some furniture, a computer you don’t use or don’t need, or anything else you can think of that’s in your home by posting an ad stating its approximate value, and saying that you’ll take the best offer. These kinds of sites have quick turnaround and will be able to get you money faster.

If you think you own something more valuable, like collectors’ items or recent electronics, you could put it up for bid on an auction house. Another bigger item to get a lot of money for is jewelry – you can take old jewelry to a pawnshop or to an appraiser to sell the accessories and turn it around really quickly. Big items like your car or an engagement ring are items you might only want to part with in the direst of circumstances, but it is always your own choice. If you really need to, you can sell your car. If it’s in good shape, see what kind of deal you can get from a used car dealership. If it’s not in its prime, try posting an ad via ier or to the online classifieds to see if there’s any money to be had from it. These options, in particular, are sure-fire ways to get a big inux of money from very little effort.

Additionally, you could try to sell everything yourself via a garage or a yard sale. This tends to take more effort on your part because of the organization required. But, you have the upside of being able to turn items for profit faster without the middlemen required of business establishments or auction websites.

Find a Second Source of Income

If you need cash but aren’t willing to sell some of your belongings to do so, your other option is to pick up an alternate source of income. This method lends itself to more longevity than the quick cash from selling items because another source of income can come for as short or as long as you want. You can do this in the traditional ways or in some more unconventional ways. You can pick up a second or a third job by checking out bars and restaurants that need more hands, or by looking for any manual labor positions to take on during the weekends or on your off days. Offer to babysit, dog sit or house sit for friends. See what odd jobs you can pick up by offering your services as a handyman or a tutor.

Additionally, you can be creative in how you create more income. Feeling generous? Donate plasma or platelets once a week to pick up cash for your donations. (It takes a lot out of you, though, so be prepared!) Try advertising to rent out a room in your home. Are you good with your hands? Create jewelry or art or knick-knacks to sell at artisan fairs or farmers’ markets, or through your own online shop. In today’s internet-centric world, there are a million ways to sell your work or to pick up freelance gigs to generate more cash.