Starting Jobs With the Most Room for Growth

Breaking into the workforce can be an incredibly difficult task for young college graduates, given the competitive nature of the current job market and the ever-rising cost of living. It can be hard to be fully career-minded when you’ve just become qualified to get your first job. Just like everyone at this stage in life, you just want to be gainfully employed and earn enough to pay the bills. It can be quite beneficial to think further ahead when searching for your first job, because planning for future job growth means career and economic stability later in life. You might not want to think that far in advance, but it will pay off in the future. We’ve gathered some information on starting jobs with the most room for growth for your consideration.

Graphic Designers

If you are artistically inclined or are very good at thinking visually, starting as an entry-level graphic designer may be right up your alley. Graphic designers can use their passion for art to work on creating useful and visually beautiful concepts for advertisements, websites, magazines, packaging and any other visual media forms that may require an artistic air. Starting-level designers will still have lower salaries. If you are career-minded enough to turn your love of art into a high-powered job, you can work your way up through the ranks. You could become an art director for media or marketing companies and likely double your initial salary.

Sales Representatives

If you went to college at a liberal arts school, or have a non-specialist degree but still want to climb the career ladder, going into the sales field is a great way to start. Being savvy with your communication skills or simply having the work ethic and a strong determination to close sales will get you incredibly far in the sales world. General sales associates are low on the totem pole, but if you are good at your job and at representing yourself, there is a lot of room for career growth. In the sales-industry it is easy for you to wind up managing your own sales team, or becoming a sales director for multiple teams. With enough time and experience it’s entirely possible for you to look over an entire region, or a whole sales department. It all depends on where you want to go, but there are plenty of directions for someone in sales in which to move.

Marketing Analysts or Specialists

In terms of jobs with growth potential, going into marketing as an entry-level analyst or an associate gives you a lot of upward mobility. Marketing analysts may simply start out crunching sales numbers for whichever products or companies with which they are working. Because marketing is multifaceted, you have many opportunities to grow your career. There are millions of brands and companies for which to do marketing, and each must have workers running retail programs, television advertising and social media. These types of companies usually reward jobs well done with promotions. You can start in an entry-level position and work your way all the way up to a brand manager or a director in a matter of years. There’s even more potential, including running a marketing department within an existing company, or even developing your own marketing agency and growing your career that way. The world will always need product sold, so there will always be marketing jobs. This means that starting in the marketing field shows a lot of promise for your future career growth.

Computer Software Engineers

You’ll likely need to know much ahead of time if you want to go into computer programming because of the specific degrees and programs you’ll need. Starting as a computer software engineer is another entry-level job with a lot of growth potential. At this point in our lives, we are only becoming more and more dependent on computerized electronics. So, going into software development or programming is a safe bet for career longevity. As you earn experience and skills,, you can work your way up into a management position and continue to climb the professional ladder. If you’re really good at what you do, and development a new piece of technology or a new program, you may be well on your way to creating and owning your own tech software company. The possibilities linked to computer software engineering and programming are infinite, and that means your career potential in this field is as well.