The Benefits of SunPass

Many states have their own programs available to reduce the cost of toll booths. the toll reduction program is known as SunPass. SunPass is a very convenient tool for motorists. All of the toll plazas in accept SunPass, making it a great choice for any drivers that consistently travel back and forth to different parts of of the state. In addition, some toll booths offer additional benefits to all the drivers that have SunPasses. Review more information regarding all the benefits of using SunPass in in the following subjects:

  • Benefits of Using SunPass
  • How to Purchase SunPass
  • Using SunPass

Benefits of Using SunPass

The most obvious benefit of using SunPass in has to do with the reduced prices that drivers receive from entering into the program. drivers save 25 cents each time they are required to pay a toll. While this, alone, is a good reason to consider purchasing a SunPass, it is not the only benefit of the program.

Another huge benefit with using a SunPass is saving time. The majority of toll booths in have special lanes for SunPass holders, which are either marked with a sign or indicated through a different color. Most of the SunPass lanes are located in the leftmost lanes of toll plazas, but this is not always the case. For smaller toll plazas, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but at the larger toll plazas, going through the SunPass lane saves a great deal of time.

For example, some toll plazas have very long wait times, because they are located on the way to popular vacation destinations, such as the toll plaza tourists go through to reach Disney World. It is not uncommon for drivers to end up stuck in these lines for 10 to 15 minutes. In comparison, drivers with a SunPass completely bypass these wait times, since driving through the SunPass lane is a completely automated process, so the SunPass lane is always moving.

How to Purchase SunPass

The first thing drivers must know about getting a SunPass is they must purchase a SunPass transponder, as well as setting up their own SunPass accounts. SunPass transponders are available from most Publix Supermarkets and CVS Pharmacies, and can also be purchased at different rest stops along the Turnpike. The SunPass transponder is placed on the dashboard or windshield of the driver’s car, and activates whenever he or she goes through a SunPass lane.

After receiving their transponder, drivers must set up an account, which they can activate online through the SunPass website. When setting up their accounts, drivers must have credit cards in which to link. Drivers can access their accounts to look at their balances, to print off any receipts from recent SunPass activity and also look at all the locations where their SunPass has recently been used.

Using SunPass

In order for SunPass to work, drivers must have their transponders on either their windshields or their dashboards. Technically speaking, the transponder may work in other locations in a car, but these locations are not only the most reliable, but the easiest places to attach the SunPass transponder. The SunPass transponder activates via radio signal whenever a driver goes through a SunPass lane. When drivers create their accounts, they must link a payment option to the SunPass. Whenever they go through the toll, the amount is deducted from this payment source.

One of the problems with previous toll programs is they would not always properly register, but drivers would have no idea the device did not work. SunPass works around this problem by using different lights and sounds to indicate the status of the SunPass transponder. There are a couple of things drivers should check for when they are using their SunPass.

If the transponder emits a high-pitched tone and has a long green light, the SunPass worked perfectly fine. Drivers do not have to take any additional actions when this happens. If there is no light and the tone goes from high to low, then high again, it means that the toll was successfully paid, but the balance on the SunPass is low.

If there is no light, and only a low tone, that means the toll was not paid and something is wrong with the device. Drivers should either replace their transponders, or they must contact SunPass for additional assistance.

When going through a toll plaza, SunPass drivers can use both express lanes and SunPass-only lanes. SunPass only lanes have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour. Express lanes do not have any speed limit.