Theme Park Discounts For Residents

is famous for its theme parks, both across the United States and worldwide. With millions of people ocking from around the globe to line up for these attractions, residents may be given an advantage through local discount tickets. Continue below to read more about theme park discounts available to residents.

How do resident discounts work?

Theme parks usually have certain times of year when they know they will be busy. However, it is more profitable to extend their season as long as possible. By offering discounts to local residents, the parks can guarantee more visitors for a longer period of time. The deals available to residents vary per park, and per season. Often, the deals rely on the fact that the purchasers live locally, and the best prices will usually be for an annual pass. You might also find deals for passes that last multiple days, or allow entry after a certain time.

You might find that the best deals are off-peak-season, and do not apply to certain days. This applies when the park knows that they will be extremely busy and do not need to rely on discounts to fill up. You should always make a note of blackout days in order to avoid any disappointments.

There may be some restrictions, such as a limited number of tickets per pass or per purchase. Rides or events that are likely to be filled by regular ticket purchases might also not be covered. However, the overall discount might offset the cost of paying for an extra event ticket.

Note that you will have to provide proof that you are a resident, either at the point of purchase or when you are collecting the tickets – often both. This could be a state-issued ID, a voter registration card, a college ID, a utility bill or a letter from a financial institution. The website of the theme park should have a list of acceptable documents or credentials you can present. It is always a good idea to bring hard copies of documents in case photocopies or digital files are not accepted. Photo ID for all ticket holders is also generally a good idea.

Eligible Discounts


Disneyworld, encompassing the Disney Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom, offers several resident discount passes. The most well-known might be the Discover Disney ticket, allowing three days for $139 or four days for $159. Although you are not allowed to visit more than one park on the same day, the days do not need to be consecutive.

There are several deals available for annual passes. The Gold and Silver passes, $559 and $149, respectively, allow visits to any of the parks on the same day. They are both subject to blackout dates, although there are more days available on the Gold pass. There is also a special weekday pass for $269 from Mondays through Fridays, only.

Universal Orlando

Universal Studios tickets for residents often have the best deals when the tickets are multi-day, and cover more than one park – choosing from Universal Studios, the Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay. For example, if you buy a two-park ticket for two days, and take advantage of the offer for two extra days free, you will end up paying less than $50 per person per day. There are various other deals of this kind available.

Universal Studios also offers residents the chance to pay in installments for annual passes. For a seasonal pass, this could be as little as $13 a month. The prices increase per month depending on the pass, with the most expensive being the Premier Pass at $24 a month. Each pass carries its own discounts and access deals. The best deals will usually be found by booking online.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens offers a monthly payment plan, EZpay, on its annual passes to residents. This can be as low as $14 for a year-long pass. There are bigger packages which can include access to Adventure Island or SeaWorld. The passes are not subject to blackout days, and allow for various deals, opportunities and savings.


Legoland’s basic annual pass (the “Awesome Pass”) is normally $129. If purchased online, it is available to Residents for $99. This also includes a 9:30 a.m. park entry, access to the water park, and discounted guest tickets.

There are many discounts available at various theme parks, and often at different times of year. One of the best ways to keep up-to-date on resident offers is to subscribe to a mailing list or online an alert that will notify you when deals become available.